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Roots Ltd. or Roots Canada is a publicly held Canadian brand that sells apparel, leather bags, small leather goods, footwear, active athletic wear, and home furnishings. The company was founded in 1973 by Michael Budman and Don Green. In 2015, Roots was sold to Searchlight Capital Partners LP, an America investment firm.

An upset former employee said this on Indeed "I’ve worked a good amount of retail jobs and working at Roots was by far the worst place I’ve worked at. Management had nothing better to do than to gossip, whoever was put on cash would often take your sale, the main manager simply couldn’t handle the TPO traffic; was constantly annoyed, angry and did not motivate her employees. Management was beyond unprofessional. Only thing I liked about this place was the REALLY LITTLE discount".


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LM Favs says

"If I if I could give a zero I would. Reading the reviews would sum up everything I experienced on an order I placed the beginning of December and according to their website it would have arrived before Christmas. Several phone calls and messages later finally It arrived on December 29th. In one of 3, 3 pack infant and toddlers cabin socks one sock in a toddler pack was smaller than all the others. I sent them a picture of the two socks side by side. The reply I received from them was to ask me to send pictures of all six socks and all the tags. My reply was " consider me a past customer"."

Dave says

"sales associate complains that I have multiple curbside pick up orders. was also told that if I send more orders, I can't pick up there anymore. i guess they don't need any more businesses. what a shame. go somewhere else, roots doesn't want business. support other brands or shops that care about your money instead."

Amy DeJong says

"I need to take a moment and mention Roots 🇨🇦 Since we live in an age of accountability, it doesn’t sit right when a company blows you off because they are so big that they don’t need to care or offer any customer service... on top of their already enormous prices, we have been waiting over a month for our order and one of the only things that did arrive was still affixed with the security tag. The company’s solution is to send it to Ontario and they will maybe send it back or offer refund. Turn around time... probably two months!! Yikes. Their excuse? The PANDEMIC! Wow. I didn’t know that covid infected customer service... when looking online I found that this was a common problem. Please get your act together Roots! Again.. sorry for the rant, but really. Let’s hold these big corporations accountable. Maybe even go back to the little guys. They need and value our business ❤️"

Ashish Patel says

"Ordered a matching pair on Christmas. After few days they cancel the bottom as it was out of stock. I ordered because they were a match. When I called their customer care they didn’t agree to cancel the top. Guys sorry doesn’t matter when you loose a peace of mind and money in Christmas."

Darryl Corbin says

"Ordered over $500 worth of goods on Dec 4 and was told delivery was between four and 16 days. First complaint was they ship DHL which would not except the tracking number they gave me. Had to phone Roots customer service over four times to find out now that I get to register a claim which will basically give me nothing and my wife’s Christmas presents will not show up on time if ever. I asked what Roots would do for me they said if I ordered again they pay for the shipping"

Demitra Kiriakopoulos says

"I am speechless which never happens. The run around I am getting from this company is crazy. Ordered Nov 28th still nothing. Telling me it’s coming fedex stating it’s pending. Close to 500 dollars spent. They have charged my card a week ago not pending charged. Called fedex told me roots has not given the shipment. I am getting lied to left right and centre with roots. Roots you have been in business for a long time get your act together. I have ordered so much and gotten it within 5 business days from other companies. I have been a client since the 90s. I don’t get it ..the stress it has caused. I have been charged a week ago and no shipment. I have called so many times with no results. I even tried calling head office you can’t get anyone on the line. I have been trying all day. I really thought this company was professional was I dead wrong."

Hunt says

"8 days after my order was confirmed it was cancelled. Roots, you lost me as a customer.There are plenty of other places to shop, besides you’ve lost your shine with bad reviews and boring product. What a disappointment."

CT says

"As many of the other reviewers, I am very disappointed with Roots' online shopping experience. I ordered a coat for my son to be picked up in a store, in a colour that was not available at our local store. The order was received, then confirmed, only to be cancelled by Roots a few hours later. It turns out the coat was not available in inventory at that particular store. However, Roots was very quick to put a hold on the funds for the order they cancelled. So, I proceeded to order online again, this time opting for shipping, since the coat will be shipped through their distribution centre, and is supposedly in stock. In the meantime, I was sent a discount coupon by email to make up for the first cancellation. I called Roots customer service to see if they could apply the discount to my second order and was told they could not do anything once an order is placed. I would have to reorder the item a third time to use the code, then refuse the deliver of the second order in order to be refunded. If it was just a small amount, I wouldn't have bothered, but it adds up to about a $70.00 difference. So now, I've placed a third order with the discount applied. What a huge hassle. And now I'm just waiting for the whole thing to be cancelled yet again, with my funds on hold and no coat. I've received a message that order two had shipped, but I won't hold my breath. So many reports that orders that were supposedly shipped took months or weeks only to be cancelled or never received. Roots seems to claim that the orders are shipped and delivered by the courier and won't refund clients who never receive their items. I have dealt with many companies that have online commerce and have never encountered such poor customer service. Truly unfortunate, but I will never shop online with them again. I am glad that I saved the chat log with the agent online. Let's see if the funds they are holding getting released after the 3-5 business days, as they are claiming. With all the similar experiences I am seeing here and on the Roots Twitter feed, Facebook, I think that notifying Marketplace, La Facture, CBC's Go Public, the Better Business Bureau, and the Office de la protection du consommateur may be the best route at this point. These practices do not seem to be exceptions, they seem to be the way that this company does business. Roots does not seem to be taking any measures to improve. It's unacceptable."

Haroon Rashid says

"WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE ANYONE CAN IMAGINE. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE. On hold for 45 minute because they sent the wrong size and wanted them to send me a return label since I'm outside of Canada. Did not reply to my email that was sent over one week ago. Call them from the other line (while on hold on the first call) requested to speak to a supervisor, placed on hold for another 10min, I hung up. Received a call back a minute later telling me they received a call and could not hear me from my number. I was frustrated, notified the agent I would be calling American Express to stop payment to Roots and the reason why, he did not have any response. This company will not last unless they fix their issues with customer service."

Mark Drisch says

"Looked for a very common item online, selected a store out of the list which said it had said item in stock, placed the order and awaited the pick up notice. After about 6 hours, I received an email saying the order was cancelled, because said location didn't actually have the item in stock. Well, I tried the exact same thing with another location, with the same result. Best of all, the money they took out of your bank account, they are keeping for up to 14 business days after THEY cancel your order. Just the icing on top of the cake when you need liquidity during the Christmas shopping time. This will be the last time I even attempt to buy some overpriced, made in China product from this company."

Kathy Toth says

"Horrible customer service. If I could give you a zero I would . Zero would be how many times you responded to my emails. Companies like this don't last long. Judging from your 2 star rating for customer service its probably more than you deserve."

Martin Couturier says

"I agree with all of the other reviews about how inconvenient their online shopping is. Without traveling this year - all Christmas shopping had to be done online and shipped directly to friends and family. This means that I ended up making several orders with different shipping addresses. The first order sent the confirmation email to the "Delivery Email" and not the "Billing Email", really defeats the point of a gift. The order then got canceled by Roots with no explanation. The second order I attempted had items sold out from my shopping cart causing me to have to change my order. The third order I made a mistake and there was no way to edit or cancel the order online, even immediately following the purchase. I ended up making a fourth order to fix this. I called Roots Customer Service about the first and third orders. They claim the first order was cancelled due to invalid billing, despite it showing up as a transaction on my credit card. The third order, they insisted there is nothing they can do to cancel an order (despite having cancelled the first order...) and that the only way to get my money back is to have the gift recipient go through the hassle of filing a return. This wastes everyone's time and money. They insisted there was nothing they could do on their end to help. Now that their call center works from home, there is no supervisor on hand and I never received the followup callback from a supervisor that was promised."

Danielle Dudley says

"Roots needs to catch up to online shopping or they will lose valuable customers. I have been a Roots girl from head to toe for many years. My grown boys get Roots and now my grandson is clothed head to toe in Roots. On Cyber Monday we did all our Christmas many different stores. Following that we were updated consistently with the other stores we shopped with, we have already received 4 orders from other stores and the remaining items will all be in by this Friday. I'm still waiting for any type of communication from Roots on one of my purchases. On their website under GET YOUR GIFTS BY DEC 24TH it states Please allow 3-4 days for your order to process before shipping...its been 8 days now so I reach out in a chat and am told that you have to wait 10 DAYS...why lie about it on your website!!! Then I'm told "due to COVID..."...reality is this, if all the other companies out there do their VERY best to keep up with the demand then I'm sorry Roots but you cant use that as an excuse. Bottom line, great products in fact amazing products however given the times and your inability to ramp up your customer service and keep up with an online platform or have the people that are the voice of your company when a customer reach out actually care and go above and beyond to keep you as a loyal customer makes me want to find a "new" favorite purse, boot, clothing, outerwear company that actually cares about making it right and cares about the people that make them a success!"

Cynthia Doull says

"Ordered several items online for Christmas. Received an email cancelling one of the items several days later. Called customer service to ask when and if the other items would be shipped as I needed them for Christmas and was told I couldn't cancel the order even though it hasn't shipped. Asked why they could cancel but I couldn't cancel an order that hasn't even shipped but received no explanation. To add insult to injury they charged for the item they cancelled on me. Never shopping Roots again."

niladri mukherjee says

"DO NOT SHOP with them ONLINE. They will take your money and simply will not ship the order. Extremely rude customer care reps who would disconnect your call once you start asking them tough questions."

Samantha Mason says

"Extremely unhappy with the customer service from an online order. I placed an order, they sent me and email stating they received it, the next day sent an email confirming the order and took 85.00 from my account. 3 days later I get another email stating my order has been canceled with no explanation. I called customer service to be told that they don’t have the item, I asked her why she sent me a confirmation of the order if she didn’t have the item she said she had no idea. I asked when the money is being put back in my account and she said 2-4 business days. I told her this was unacceptable and that I wanted to speak to a supervisor. She was extremely rude to me and told me she would have someone call me within 24 hours, it had now been 3 days and no phone call and the money still isn’t back in my account. For a Canadian company I’m extremely disappointed in their lack of customer service, they obviously don’t care about their customers."

Cathie Hills McKernan says

"So disappointed with Roots Canada, they refuse to take responsibility for a lost shipment that I ordered on October 29, 2020. They blame Purolator. I have paid for my order and they refuse to do anything. Have tried to reach the Meghan Roach the President but no one will put me through to her. Dear Catherine, Thank you for writing to We appreciate hearing from you and we will be happy to assist you. We are sorry to hear about your order. In regards to your order -5983455048, the claim has been denied by Purolator as they have confirmation of delivery. Since the claim was denied by the courier, we will not be able to assist with a refund/replacement at this time. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. Thank you for choosing Sincerely, Trish Customer Care"

CHallett says

"I've never been so very dissappointed with a companies Customer Service as I've experienced recently! I placed an order to be delivered to the store near me. Only to receive the delivery notification to somewhere in Oakville! Not near me! I was told to call my store to ask for my order because it's been delivered, there's nothing they can do. See my reply below from Rhys in Customer Service. I have deleted my personal information ... Thank you for writing to We appreciate hearing from you, and we will be happy to assist you. In regards to your inquiry, unfortunately we will not be able to adjust or cancel the order once the order is placed and shipped. Please follow the return instructions Please note: due to the covid-19 lockdowns store availability may be impacted. According to your tracking information your package was delivered on November 17 We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. We appreciate your business! Thank you for choosing Sincerely, Rhys"

Haylie S says

"I ordered two tops and a sweater toddler dress. Shipping was efficient. I later emailed customer service with product information to advise one of the tops shrunk and lost shape in the body part after only 1 wash. When you pay this much for children's clothing you expect higher quality. Anyway, after waiting 4 days for an email response, Roots customer service ignored my query completely and just sent me a copy of their return policy. Pretty sure I can look that up myself- what's missing is any information regarding faulty products. Probably won't buy any more clothing. Roots needs to realize customer service is important these days. Competition is fierce and no parent willing to pay high prices for kids clothing needs to put up with poor service."

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